CMU Photojournalism Students Photograph Occupy Wall Street in New York City November 17-20

Prof Kent

CMU photojournalism student Tanya Moutzalias contemplates her next destination during her whirlwind photographic excusion to New York City as a subway train screams past.

Andy Kuhn, a CMU photojournalism student participating in the “Occupy New York Seminar,” waits for the subway train to arrive at one of the many destinations during a hands-on photojournalism seminar in New York City.



A street musician plays the steel drums below Manhattan next to trains.

"Imagine all the people livin' for the day." Imagine Circle in Central Park across the street from where John Lennon was shot and killed in December, 1980 at the Dakota buliding.

CMU Photojournalism students Victoria Zegler, left, and Tanya Moutzalias shoot photographs of soccer players in Central Park on November 19, 2011.

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